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Johnny Conley
Director of Impact & Partnerships, 
Community Colleges

Johnny J. Lares Conley is the Director of Impact and Partnerships, Community College Division for Career Launch.  With 18-years of experience working in higher education, Johnny is known as an enthusiastic student-centered and equity-minded leader. 

In 2020, Johnny brought the Career Launch immersive experience to Moorpark College where it was embedded in a M80 internship class and aligned with the Student Equity & Achievement (SEA) program. Many of the students struggled with confidence to reach out to professionals, lacked student engagement and had mental health challenges. After experiencing the Career Launch program, students were equipped with the skills to ask for a career conversation with employers of interest, which greatly increased their confidence and increased their social capital with "the right people" (aka employers of interest).  Also, the students were more engaged and completed their educational goal than students who did not go through the Career Launch immersive experience.
Johnny's career includes roles in administration as well as classified and faculty experience. In all his roles he focused on advancing educational equity and improving access to higher education and outcomes that result in students earning fulfilling careers. He is passionate as a lifelong learner who is absolutely committed to the mission of educating a diverse community of learners and changing the trajectory of college students and their families' lives. 
As a first-generation college undergraduate and graduate student, he learned the value of relationship building. Johnny attended CSU Dominguez Hills and earned his BA in Sociology and Behavioral Science. After completing his bachelor's degree, he earned his master's degree in Higher Education Administration with a focus in Student Affairs from the University of Southern California. Currently, he is completing his EdD in Educational Psychology from La Sierra University.
Personally, Johnny has three kids: Dean, Troy and Kamila and a dog named Nitro. He enjoys being active with his children and is an avid football fan. Johnny grew up in Madera, a rural city in Central California. 

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Schedule an exploratory call to learn more about partnering with Career Launch

Schedule an exploratory call to learn more about partnering with Career Launch

Our Story

Sean O'Keefe is the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Launch Your Career. He is an Award-winning Professor and Career Coach.

What began as a personal strategy to land a job with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A’s, evolved over the years during his time as a Jesuit university professor into the official Career Launch Method. This method teaches students the power of cold networking for career success.

Many students have expressed immense gratitude for the career readiness accountability and empowerment that led to life-enhancing internships and jobs. Since 2018, we’ve paid it forward by providing coaching to thousands of students, of all ages, backgrounds, and programs of study. Our students have landed with companies and organizations across the globe in countless industries.