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Marieli Rubio
Partner & Director of Impact

Marieli Rubio is a Partner and Director of Impact for Career Launch. As a first-generation college student at Santa Clara University, she was taught the Career Launch Method directly from Sean when she was a sophomore. Marieli immediately began to create a professional network from scratch. In doing so, she earned a competitive internship within a civil engineering division of a prominent construction company between her sophomore and junior year. Marieli reflects, “It was a life-changing experience, it opened my eyes to the realities of what I was learning in the classroom and it increased my self-confidence for my career going forward.”

In early 2019, Sean asked Marieli to co-present at the California Work Experience and Internships Association’s annual conference. It was a huge success. As a result of their talk, they were asked to give a keynote at an annual conference for California Community Colleges in June 2019. That led to many other opportunities for Marieli, including a Partnerships Coordinator position with Career Launch during Summer 2020. To no one’s surprise, she excelled in the partnerships role. The first partnership she coordinated was with UC San Diego.

Marieli is passionate about empowering students to start their career search early and overcome the barrier of not having professional relationships. She loves helping other colleges, universities, and career programs scale their impact in these areas.

In fall 2020, Marieli co-founded the “Virtual STEM for Latina Girls” Initiative at Third Street Community Center in San Jose to provide mentorship and workshops. She continues to be an advocate for minorities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.  

Marieli earned a Civil Engineering degree from Santa Clara University. Outside of her social impact efforts, Marieli enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and traveling.  


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Schedule an exploratory call to learn more about partnering with Career Launch

Schedule an exploratory call to learn more about partnering with Career Launch

Our Story

Sean O'Keefe is the Founder and Chief Impact Officer of Launch Your Career. He is an Award-winning Professor and Career Coach.

What began as a personal strategy to land a job with the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A’s, evolved over the years during his time as a Jesuit university professor into the official Career Launch Method. This method teaches students the power of cold networking for career success.

Many students have expressed immense gratitude for the career readiness accountability and empowerment that led to life-enhancing internships and jobs. Since 2018, we’ve paid it forward by providing coaching to thousands of students, of all ages, backgrounds, and programs of study. Our students have landed with companies and organizations across the globe in countless industries.